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HIIT KICK - High-Intensity Interval Training (KICKBOXING)

We have combined the anaerobic components of HIIT with kickboxing. Get ready for a total body workout with the use of punches and kicks to get that body toned and tight!


Take 30 minutes out of your day to work on some ABS! This class strictly focuses attention on the core (we do perform some back work). Bring on that 6-pack!


This yoga class is accessible to all levels. If you have been practicing some postures, but may have questions, BRING THEM TO CLASS! This is a class for learning and development. If you have never practiced yoga, NO WORRIES! Let's start together :)


This is the perfect class to relax the mind and body. Wind down and relax with some gentle postures. You are welcome to have your blocks, a blanket, and a pillow close, but this is not required. This class will move at a slow gentle pace and is perfect for new “yogis.” Come join the group for a relaxing yoga session.

HIIT - High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is a form of anaerobic interval training. The intervals are shorter, and the rest periods are even shorter... These 30 minutes will kick your booty, in a good way! Get a quick, full-body workout that will leave you feeling the satisfaction of a great workout.


Interval Kickboxing is a great way to KICK off the week! Join us as we practice different punches and kicks while working the whole body! This class offers cardiovascular and muscular endurance training (the perfect combination for toning those muscles). Abdominal focused exercises are always included throughout the workout. 


Meditation helps heal the mind. Join for a relaxing mindful meditation to help prepare the mind and body for life's curveballs. It is a great way to focus and center your mind and body to take on everyday challenges!


Flexibility is an important component of fitness and wellbeing that can often be overlooked. This class focuses on stretching many of the tight muscles within our bodies. Stretching can help relieve pain from previous exercise performed and improve overall flexibility.


Join for a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT using only the weight of your body! No equipment is necessary (well, maybe a mat, towel, or carpet for floor work). We will exercise the legs, arms, and abdominal muscles in this 1-hour workout. The class is broken into three different series of exercises. CAUTION: Cardio is involved...


Kick up the heat with some breath and movement. We will flow from posture to posture through the use of breath. You are welcome to have your yoga blocks, a blanket, and a pillow close, but this equipment is not required. It is also recommended that you have some experience in yoga. This class will move at a quicker pace.


Join the PARTY, as they say in Zumba. Zumba is a cardio-dance-based class. We perform a variety of Latin movements including salsa, merengue, cumbia, and reggaeton. If you have never "Zumba-ed" before, no worries! I promise you will catch on quickly and be a pro in no time :)

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